About Michelle…

I am a 20-year-old Journalism and Women’s Studies major at the University of Florida. I have an undying passion for reading, gardening, activism, community organizing and photography. I am currently trying to improve my photography skills through an amazing photojournalism study abroad trip to Berlin with professor John Freeman from UF. I hope to photograph moments that truly capture the historic city of Berlin and its complex and intriguing culture.


4 Responses to “About Michelle…”

  1. Michelle, ‘I’m in the front row with popcorn’! Can’t wait to partake of your adventure; I know you’ll rock it. Peace, Lisa.

  2. … leaving on a jet plane …
    after all these months the day has finally arrived!!!

  3. Hey Michelle, great Fotos and great impression of Berlin descriptions… I’m in Berlin often and I love it. It’s a cool town. Do you come from there? ciaooo 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I was there on a Photojournalism Study Abroad trip through the University of Florida, and it was my first time in Berlin. I fell in love with the city and hope to go back soon to explore more of it!

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